Online Video Consultation details

Online consultations are prepaid and payment can be made using payment gateway

  • Once you book an online consultation, you will get 20 minutes to discuss your problems with the doctor. Please prioritize your concerns or pen it down before the scheduled appointment.
  • Should you need a followup session, you need to book the appointment again going through the same process.
  • Video consultations are safe, time saving, maintain patient’s privacy and allow them to choose the time slot as per their convenience.
  • Patient keeps the full authority to follow the prescribed treatment after discussing this with his current Doctor/Managing Unit.
  • It is not recommended to go for online consultation in case of emergency, where you need to visit your nearest Medical facility at the earliest.
  • Video consultations can never be considered as a replacement to in -person visit where the Doctor is able to physically examine the patient.


  • Indian patients: INR 1500/- (20 minutes)
  • International patient: 150 USD (20 minutes)